Frequently asked questions

To whom are the apartments built for?
Urhea-home is built for studying athletes in Helsinki metropolitan area.

How do you select the tenants?
Applicants will be ranked according to points given for athletic level, their sport, place of study and current living location. Applicant’s regular income and wealth is also taken into consideration according to The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) (ARA) rules and regulations.

Does the applicant have a chance to affect to the selection of co-tenants in shared apartments?
Yes, applicants wishes will be taken into consideration as well as possible, as long as the selection will be fair, equal and effective in order to fill all the rooms.

What kind of furnishing is included in the rent?
The rooms will be rented unfurnished. Basic equipment includes a stove, a range hood, and refrigerator (one-room apartments will have fridge with icebox), two-room apartments will have refrigerator / freezer combo, and 4-room apartments will have refrigerator / freezer combo plus full size refridgerator. 

Can I install washing machine or dishwasher in the apartment?
A washing machine cannot be installed in the apartments. 
Two-room apartments will have inlet and space for regular 60cm wide dishwasher, four-room apartments will have inlet and space for 45cm wide dishwasher. Please take into consideration the following instructions with the installment of dishwasher:
– the installment has to be done by a professional
– run-off pool needs to be installed under the dishwasher
– there is no floor laminate under the kitchen cabinets, so a separate piece of plywood needs to be placed under the run-off pool to prevent it being lower than floor laminate
– it is forbidden to leave the washing machine on to empty apartment

What is included in the rent?
Monthly rent includes water, and in shared apartments electricity. Tenants in one-room apartments will make their own electricity contract. All the apartments will have cable TV and internet connection that are included in the rent.

What kind of parking possibilities are there? 
The building does not have parking area for tenants, there are only few short-term parking slots. At the moment there is no supported solution for parking.

Can I bring pets in the building?
Keeping pets in Urhea-home is forbidden.

Can I stay over weekends in my apartment?
Apartments are regular rental homes, so they are in tenant’s use for the time covered by tenancy agreement.

Can I decorate the room as I wish?
You can decorate the room, but it needs to be possible to return it in its original state. Painting the walls or putting up wallpapers in forbidden, and possible damage to walls from shelf fastening can be deducted from the security deposit after tenancy agreement has ended.